Ice Cores: From Field to Lab

Ice Cores: From Field to Lab

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Getting There

A specialized transport plane helps us travel to and from ice sheets.

The Team

We use ski planes, helicopters, or snow machines to travel locally. (This is part of our Greenland traverse team)


Erich collecting a core in Greenland using a Kovacs Mark III hand auger.

Ice Core

Dirty ice from the bottom of the Denali Core.

Cold Room

We use our cold room to prepare ice cores for sampling.

The Lab

Ice is melted inside the freezer (left). Dust and conductivity is measured in the meltwater before it is collected in discrete samples under HEPA clean benches (right).

Ice Melting

A specially designed melthead separates meltwater from the inner and outer parts of the core.

Sample Collection

We collect meltwater into discrete samples for analysis later, mainly ICPMS, ion chromatography, and water isotope measurement.

That's how we melt ice!